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We may be headed to two consecutive quarters of negative growth, defined as a recession

September 8, 2018


In response to whether or not we may be headed to two consecutive quarters of negative growth, defined as a recession :


Not to mention a long list of indicators that presage much harder times.


  • business confidence drying up, huge taxpayer funded compensation to pipeline companies, unwillingness to take advantage of our nation's natural resources sector when we've always been, and relied upon our export sector - we're an exporting nation!!!!!

  • deep contradictions in the government's approach to economic development:

  • linking our future growth to a muddled "social justice agenda", (to wit, read my comment on Saudi Arabia reaction below),

  • largesse towards foreign nations (giving away our hard earned dollars), taxation up,

  • uncertain trade deals, alienating (our biggest) trading partner(s), antagonized Saudi Arabia whom not only divested itself of all Canadian assets (a real paradox given Trudy's government prides itself on its inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity), but ordered the immediate and complete repatriation of Saudi expats in all economic walks of life residing in Canada, within weeks of the announcement.

  • Trudeau has repeatedly embarrassed Canada on the world stage during economic forums and state visits,

  • flat to dropping economic indicators (employment),

  • increasing inflation,

  • lacklustre stock market performance (a leading indicator),

  • debt levels up - skyrocketing in fact,

  • unwillingness to address a migration crisis brought about by Trudeau's virtue signalling,

  • wreaking havoc on city budgets,

  • allowing the wholesale abuse of our housing, and health care services by migrants that have not paid a cent into the maintenance of the system which economists describe as the "free rider problem",

  • appointing among the most controversial figures - a former billionaire hedge fund manager, who is an admitted Nazi collaborator who helped dispossess his fellow jews (George Soros),

  • the responsibility to propagandize our society to accept a radical demographic shift,

  • a policy for which the Canadian society was not consulted, and that has created a huge rift within Canadian society,

and more,


So yes...remember that a recession is defined as two consecutive negative quarters.


We can limp along without their being a recession for some time before one is declared, and economy can be artificially kept on life support by "borrowing against our pensions, and future generations..." but in the end the chickens come home to roost, just in time to blame the new government in power...doesn't augur well.


I hope Canadians are awake to see where this is leading. A total disaster of a government, that has polarized Canadian society as never seen in a lifetime, creating unprecedented social, cultural, economic and security concerns provided, once again, that they're paying attention, while the Trudeau gov't funded CBC mouthpiece, and media party, has a hard time covering up for her."



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