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The disgraceful mess of inadequacy that sits in Canada's house of government

September 3, 2018





I've never hated 'stupid' more than I do sane human being should have to see their future and their country in the hands it is in right now.


Private schools being forced to include LGBTQ yada yada yada in their curriculum,


Islam prayers and sermons in our pubic schools,


Government payments for businesses who hire and promote "new immigrants" ahead of born here Canadians,


a government who refuses to stop illegals from entering our country at unregulated crossings and uses the RCMP to carry their luggage for them,


then scatters them around the country, stock piled in "all inclusive" hotels where they will live on welfare for years and no doubt be given the right to vote,


a government who welcomes and financially supports Canadians who leave our country to go and fight with terrorist groups against us, but want to come back here with their blushing brides and children, with no questions asked,


a government who has placed the Islam ideology on a pedestal, threatening criminal charges of hate crimes should any Canadian speak out with any negativity toward it,


a government who legalizes marijuana before there is certified accurate equipment to indicate a user is not driving impaired,


an immigration minister who calls Canadians anti-Canadian, racists & hate mongers should they question his decisions about the numbers and legality of those being allowed in to our nation


and the PM shares this reaction verbally in public as his security gorillas manhandle elderly ladies.


Dare we even delve in to the failed trade agreements,


international embarrassments while dressing a circus troop in Indian costume then touring the country dancing and holding photo ops pretending to be praying in front of temples,


the NAFTA circus,


the pipeline circus,


the numerous ethics breeches,


the first Canadian Party to knowingly have a cabinet minister/MP who's citizenship was granted based on lies and still nothing has been done,


is that 17 personal days our PM has taken this year, not counting the vacations,


the budget that will balance itself,


the belief that if we kill our enemies, they win........


We have only touched the surface here of the disgraceful mess of inadequacy that sits in our house of government.


It truly is becoming more terrifying every day and we still have over a year to go. Not sure we will all make it with our sanity........

Written by Marilyn Dickie Source: Facebook

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