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The Green Hoax: A Globalist program to destroy Canada's Oil and Gas Industry

September 2, 2018

This week Federal Court of Appeal quashes approval of $9.3-billion oil pipeline expansion.


What Canadians have to say:



Barry Goode

"This pipeline must be built, and no group at this point should have a veto, especially the Court. Parliament is Supreme an it is about time the government use all its powers to just get it done. This is equivalent to the nation being in a time of war. The government must invoke emergency powers, seeing that normal process has failed, in view of the rabble shakedown crowd."


Donald Masella
"Think about these 4 items:
1)100 million barrels of oil are produced AND TRANSPORTED every day (by ship, pipeline,railcar and tanker truck)... with nary an accident
2) Canada produces about 5 million barrels day... roughly 5% of the world's daily production
3)pipelines have been around for about a 100 years or so with millions of miles of pipelines in use around the world... they are safe
4)Kinder Morgan has spent 6 years and $1 Billion dollars getting to this point in the approval process.... savour that for just a moment... 6 years and $1 billion dollars 
AND the courts say that is NOT ENOUGH
What a basked case of a country we have become. It may be time to rip this country apart because we don't appear to have any politician with the guts to take on the green lobby, native and the court,
God (or whatever you believe in) help us all."


Geoffrey Allain
"I don't know what is more mind boggling, the Federal court stopping the TransMountain pipeline or the fact that there are Canadians today that think this country can thrive solely as a green economy? To think that in this day and age, they’re Canadians that would deny other brethren work, jobs, benefits, a comfortable living all for the sake of ‘their values’. To deny Provinces the ability to be contributors to Federation as opposed to recipients. How quick we all forget the prosperous years when the Canadian economy was outperforming all G7 countries, as they all grappled with debilitating recessions and deficits. It was our oil that carried the day from Alberta to New Brunswick. But that was then, and this is now! It’s ironic that the biggest proponents of green industry, environmental protectionism, are also the biggest recipients of funding by way of transfer payments and Ottawa's disbursement."


Ron Gagne
Canada is beginning to unravel. Our populace does not agree with how the courts and Federal Liberals are handling our resources. Taxes continue to escalate as does our deficits. Investment is rightly looking for better countries to deploy capital. Meanwhile our media focuses on gender equality and climate issues. When we are all poor and our economy is not performing then we may have achieved the Liberal dream - lower emissions and everyone makes the same lower valued dollar amount. Utopia."


Renaldo Richardt
"What next for Alberta? Hope that the rest of Canada is in a mood to replace the increasingly incompetent Liberal government with Andrew Scheer and his milk loving, Liberal-Lite version of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?" Wait for Maxime Bernier to get his new act together? Toss out Rachel Notley and send in Jason Kenney next to do battle, taking us back to where we were a decade ago? Pray that British Columbians tire of the Horgan-/Weaver GreenDP marriage?

As this foul tasting soup continues to brew, a credible secession option would look quite nice..."


David Needham
"This government has done more to embarrass and rip this nation apart than any in living memory 

I would not blame Alberta for pulling out of confederation. They have been getting shafted for years . This may be the final straw

Weak and ineffective government means you stand for nothing . Appease everyone in order to win votes 

They chose the liberal political good over the national economic good

That is unforgivable."


Alec Gordon Stewart
"Oil and gas, aka energy... a leading industry by which countries like Saudi Arabia have been made rich is outlawed in Canada. Go figure... What hope do we have to a brighter future when progress is legally dismantled? It takes more then air to move a population to and from work, and although we have what it takes to get us there, a select few has effectively banned us from it. Nothern Gateway and Energy East are two projects that would of forwarded our economic growth and stability, are instead stifled by special interest groups. 

I hear you Mr. Murphy, at least we have one person in the media willing to draw attention to the real circus act. Albertans are in many ways Canada's economic leaders, yet we add insult to injury through stimate and isolation of their fine opportunities. How dare we stand in the way of them feeding their families. The rest of Canada should be ashamed, we're an embarrassment and a nation without a backbone. Get your priorities straight Canada."


Andrew Kitching
"If Trudeau manages to snowball the masses and he imports enough irregular travelers to vote him back out for the coming storm. Alberta will separate to become Montana North. If B.C. is still run by the clowns and continues to be a circus their ports will slow to a crawl as nothing will be travelling through Alberta to feed the rest of Eastern Canada’s hunger for cheap Chinese goods. Quebec will then have to mooch off the remaining have not provinces who will soon revolt. How can you possibly elect a leader when the highest job he held on his resume previously was part time drama teacher? Sure, he’s a great actor, fooled a lot of the population who bought his song and dance. It’s time to pull him off the stage and close the curtains before he completely destroys this once great nation."


Roy F Smith
"Look no further than the puppet master Mr Gerry Butts, he destroyed Ontario’s industrial base and works at doing the same for Canada, a Marxist Leninist at university who once said not a drop of oil should leave the oil sands. He is the biggest danger we face in Canada today."


Mike Walker
"There are those that would consider this latest roadblock a failure,to the contrary it is mission accomplished for the Liberals. A tanker moratorium to scuttle Northern Gateway, Ontario and Quebec to stop Energy East, leaving only Trans Mountain as our last option. Trudeau could claim that the pipeline would be built when in reality he knew that the force of opposition from Big Green and Indigenous actors would stall the project and if all else fails the courts could be counted on at some point to intervene. Now he has the cover to say he honestly tried to move the project forward but given the opposition its not his government's fault and far too many people will swallow that line. The reality is that this was always the preferred outcome and the plan was well executed."








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