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Trudeau more worried about terrorists' rights than rights of law abiding tax payers

December 6, 2017

Conservatives accuse Trudeau of smug approach to returning foreign fighters


By Amanda Connolly,  National Online Journalist:  Global News


The debate over whether the government is doing enough to deal with foreign fighters returning to Canada took a personal turn in the House of Commons on Monday when Conservatives accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of wearing the “same little arrogant smile” when answering questions about the matter in recent weeks.


Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus used the personal attack to kick off debate Monday over an opposition motion asking the House of Commons to “condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS,” and “acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians.”





The elites are protected from the consequences of their policies, so it’s easy for them to laugh and smirk while Canadians are put at risk.


Justin Trudeau is getting ripped for his “same little arrogant smile” while debating how to deal with returning ISIS fighters.

According to Global, the comment was made by Pierre Paul-Hus, the Conservative Public Safety Critic, and came during a discussion about an Opposition motion, the text of which is below:


December 1, 2017 — Mr. Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles) — That the House:


(a) condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS;


(b) acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians;


(c) call on the government to bring to justice and prosecute any ISIS fighter returning to Canada; and


(d) insist that the government make the security and protection of Canadians its priority, rather than the reintegration of ISIS fighters, or the unnecessary financial payout to a convicted terrorist, like Omar Khadr.


It’s a common sense motion, yet Trudeau has either laughed off or demonized common sense proposals before.


In fact, he even attacked the Conservatives as “Islamophobes” for opposing his dangerous policy of trying to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters, showing he puts political correctness and virtue signalling ahead of safety.


The key issue is that elites like Justin Trudeau live in a different world than the rest of us. To them, everything is an abstraction, since they don’t actually feel the consequences of their policies.


It’s like how Trudeau refused to provide more support for Canadian border towns even as residents grew worried about the influx of illegal border crossers. Trudeau and his buddies don’t live anywhere near rural border towns, so they could care less about how their open borders policies could put people at risk.


That’s why Trudeau feels free to smirk and smile his way through debates on things like protecting Canadians from ISIS. For him, it all seems to be a game.


Spencer Fernando



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