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Liberals have no plan to return Canada’s budget to balance. Ever.

October 28, 2017

"Justin Trudeau’s fiscal update yesterday showed that his Liberals have no plan to return Canada’s budget to balance. Ever.

Trudeau has made the decision that our kids and grandkids will pay the bill for his out-of-control spending.

This is wrong, and Canada’s Conservatives will continue to stand up for hardworking Canadians."  Andrew Scheer 




"Actually Andrew, the national debt was already so large that our grandchildren will never be able to pay it off, perhaps not even our great grandchildren. A child born in this country is already $17,000+ in debt to central banks who create our money and lend it to us when in fact we have the right as a nation to create our own money interest free and spend it into circulation, you know, like we used to do before pierre trudeau gave away our monetary rights to foreign bankers. Why the lawsuit Comer vs. Bank of Canada is not mentioned in the House is a mystery for if we could only return to our monetary right to create our own money we could eliminate debt, but the bankers would never allow that would they? trudeau deux is playing their game, making them ever more rich by enslaving future generations to compound interest on federal debt." Robyn Guinn​


"Not surprised, we're still paying for what his old man spent in the 70's.... God, the voter has a short memory, unbelievable." 

Chris Gabriel ​


"Andrew you need to step up your game drastically if you want to beat Trudeau in the next election, provided the voting machines aren't rigged, or Tides paying millions to keep the Liberals in power." 

Shaun Rattray 



"Government dependency leads to socialism which in turn leads to communism don't ever let it take root of our lives." David Schultz 


People are naive to think this is good, infrastructure health care child tax credits etc. Here’s the problem ..... we have to pay it back... with interest..... so that extra $50.00 you get per month for your kid.... you will be paying back at end of year, taxes will go up, and then your kid at 18 will still be paying that back. We are maybe covering interest rate payment only just like a credit card 5000.00 limit interest payment only it would take you 30 years to pay back. Now add $117 billion. Good luck. I at least chose not to have kids and in 40 years I’ll probably be dead, least I won’t have to see what our Canada is like in 50 years.... feel sorry for the kids though." Erin Ley 













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