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The criminalization of the Canadian banking system.

October 22, 2017

We the people own the Bank of Canada, so why do we the people allow private bankers to own us?

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation


“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

This is a great overview of Canadian banking and a clear explanation of how the international private banking cartel hijacked Canada in 1974 by taking control of the issuance of money under Pierre E. Trudeau.


It is looking obvious that Justin Trudeau, his son was put in place to continue to further erode our country, its values and if allowed to continue is on course to make us another third word state under Globalist rule. Be sure to check out this website to understand the extent of the criminal activity going on under our noses while most Canadians are unaware.  


This private banking cartel and has been robbing Canada blind ever since, and has currently put Canadians into over a trillion dollars in debt. The debt is actually the compound interest accumulated by borrowing this printed money from the private banking cartel. Canada, like the US, and like all countries does NOT need private banks to issue it's nation's currency ... countries can print their own money interest-free.  So we need to ask ourselves why are we allowing the private bankster to own us!


Link to Video below:

Commentary by Daniel J Towsey


The title of this post is “The crime of the Canadian Banking System’ and below you will find that articles’ content as well as many other articles, documentaries and more about what I understand it to be.

The criminalization of the banking system.


Doing honest and accountable banking and lending money at interest is not in itself a crime of any sort.


The criminalization of the creation the money  is the crime.


Private corporate banks should never be permitted to create the people's money, and under the existing laws of Canada are not permitted to.


Only the peoples government of our country we call Canada is permitted to create money.


This holds everyone and the people’s government of Canada’s always accountable to all the peoples of Canada.


Any conspirators that create money out of thin air in a computer file are financial corporate criminals.



Be sure to see the link below for a wealth of information on this topic. Mainstream media hides this topic and our politicians never bring up this crime.  It is time we hold our public servants accountable to us. A good start would be sharing this information with family and friends and contacting your local MPs and other government officials.





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