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“Canadian Election Integrity Initiative,” Orwellian or what?

October 21, 2017

Facebook set to unveil plan to guard against fake news during Canadian election campaign



"Censorship?? With all due respect, I think we are better off making our own decisions as to what is fake news, the MSM has undermined it's integrity and does not always report the news accurately. Now the same government who voted in favor of M -103 has decided that we are not adult enough to digest all of the news????!!!"


Roberto Fisherman


Censorship, dictatorship, Marxism!!


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently pledged to strengthen Facebook's political ad review process and put an end to untraceable “dark” political advertising. 


"Facebook is set to unveil a made-in-Canada measure to guard the 2019 vote from the scourge of fake news and misinformation online — while south of the border the social media heavyweight details how foreign players may have used the platform to spread discord in the 2016 presidential election.


The new tool, billed as the “Canadian Election Integrity Initiative,” is a response to a warning from the country’s top cybersecurity agency in June that multiple hacker groups would “almost certainly” attempt to influence the next federal election.


According to a news release, Facebook Canada’s initiative will “help make its platform a safer and more secure environment for genuine civic engagement.”


A spokeswoman for the network kept mum on details Monday, but pointed to recent moves to improve election integrity in other countries, such as strengthening the political ad review process, cracking down on fake accounts, sharing more data with electoral commissions and security authorities, and most recently, making targeted political advertising less opaque by quashing “dark” posts.


Dark advertising allows organizations to promote their message directly to an intended recipient. For example, a politically-charged group could target and attempt to influence certain voters with an ad promoting a candidate’s pledge to tighten immigration policy, while trumpeting the exact opposite to users that indicate they favour a looser stance.


Facebook said earlier this month the company will show who ran such an ad and all of the other ads the group is running, in an effort to improve transparency.


The move followed a string of reports alleging Russian-linked groups ran thousands of ads on Facebook about political-hot-potato issues in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, and in favour of the eventual victor President Donald Trump.


Facebook then agreed to turn over the ads to congressional investigators amid mounting scrutiny over the role it played in enabling alleged foreign influence."








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