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Edmonton city council to start on ‘sanctuary city’ idea for immigrants without documents

October 3, 2017


"Catering to illegals over tax paying citizens is North American wide. Having sanctuary cities and favoring illegals makes the lefty liberals feel good about themselves. It is not about to change. There is a war being waged against the old established order and our Christian way of life. City councils like Edmonton are not working for you the taxpayer anymore, but the Muslims, the migrants and the illegals." Kenneth Oblak 


"Edmonton has a duty to uphold the laws, even though our prime minister does not. Mr Iverson and all the council need to understand YOUR duty to keeping Edmontonians safe. This means if illegal and undocumented people are in the city, your duty is not to them, but to tax paying citizens who are looking for their safety and security. Illegal or undocumented people need to be returned to their country of origin, regardless of whether their feelings are hurt. Do your job. That is what you were elected for. Not to protect illegals. 

Canada does not need more snowflake cities, along with apologists and antifa demonstrations. Again, Council and Mayor, do your job. Your loyalty must lie with law abiding citizens, not illegal immigrants. For once, be a guiding, strong, correct example for the rest of Canada. You will have the support of the vast majority of people who do not support antifa and snowflake beliefs." Michele Mitchell 


"Are you for real!!!!! illegal is illegal. Stop wasting our tax payers money on criminals instead of Canadians." ​Lala Lummus


"Why is it so difficult for politicians in this country to make sure the laws are applied as they are written? Stop making it easy for people to enter and stay in Canada, this is ridiculous!! We have laws, apply them and make these people apply to come here legally! All illegals should be arrested and sent back to where they came from, with no appeals. If they want to come back, apply legally and wait your turn!" Rocky Potuer


Above comments were taken from the following article.  Your comments are welcome!  Be sure to inform Mayor Iveson.  Time for Canadians to have a conversation with our tax paid for public servants! This is insane and follows the dictates of open borders and the globalist agenda to make us all 3rd world serfs while only a few elites own everything including us.  


Edmonton city council to start on ‘sanctuary city’ idea for immigrants without documents

By Scott Johnston


Edmonton city councillors have agreed to start looking at ways to make it so people who are here with out immigration status can still access city services.


As many as 25,000 people live without proper documentation in Edmonton. The word to describe those individuals during Monday’s meeting of community and public services committee was “precarious.”


“Every aspect of their life becomes a challenge and becomes uncertain. That’s what we mean by precarious,” Athabasca University’s Jason Foster said


“In the interviews we have done with them, they try to keep their heads down, which means they don’t get engaged in community events because they never know which community event exposes them.”


Councillors instructed city staff to make sure city services are available. They also expressed the need to work with other agencies like the school boards to show more compassion. Students have said, at times, find they are no longer welcome in the class room.


“They are pulled out of school,” confirmed Marco Luciano of Migrante Alberta. “They have a system of flagging the children of migrant workers that have work permits. So if those work permits expire suddenly their children get flagged at school and, ultimately, they get pulled out if the parent can not produce a new work permit.


“They are really fearful of getting deported and getting sent back home.”


The problem accelerated when the Stephen Harper government changed the rules for Temporary Foreign Workers in 2011. A four-and-four rule was put in, meaning they had their permits end after four years, and it would take another four years to become eligible again.


Mayor Don Iveson is in favour of rule changes to show more compassion to these people.


“For the most part these are people who have either been victimized through human trafficking or caught up in rule changes around temporary foreign workers,” he said. “These are not bad people. They’re not criminals and, if they are, then law enforcement will deal with those issues. But by and large these are people who are just trying to figure out how to become Canadians and stay here and contribute.”


What complicates things is the approach Edmonton police have to take. Information is passed along to the Canadian Border Services, as required by law.


“I can tell you our systems in Canada aren’t ‘when you’re caught, you’re out,’ no,” deputy police chief Brian Simpson said. “There’s process in place to allow for full information to be garnered and opportunity for those individuals to deal with their particular situation and it’s a Canadian way, and I think it’s a good way.”


All agreed, it’s complicated.


Councillor Ben Henderson told reporters one solution they’ll investigate is making sure names are kept confidential whenever possible.


“I think those are the kinds of questions we have to sort out. I think it’s about ID. I think it might be about income testing and things like that that are very dependent on information that they’re just not able to provide given the kind of situations they’re in right now.”


Mayor Iveson expects some policies to come back to the new city council early in the new year.


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